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fort monmouth reDEVELOPMENT

 Fort Monmouth, the former army base closed in 2011, is undergoing a major redevelopment and reuse plan  spearheaded by the Fort Monmouth Economic  Revitalization Authority (FMERA). FEMRA encourages diversity and innovation utilizing the requests for offers to purchase vehicle to solicit creative solutions to transform the 1,100+ acre site. 

For the 28-acre Allison Hall & Lodging Area parcel, LBLA partnered with CEE and Ryan Homes to propose a new mixed-use waterfront community. Linda  developed the initial design concept and collaborated with CEE on refining the conceptual plan. Traditional neighborhood site planning concepts, including walkability, visual and physical access to the Parker Creek waterfront, and access to shared communal open space would reinforce opportunities for socialization and relaxation. Historic buildings on-site would be renovated and repurposed as a hotel and community clubhouse.

Fort Monmouth render.jpg